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At the heart of the Clonburris vision is a community where everyone can live, work and grow. New streets, public buildings and other amenities will bring a wealth of services to the area, enhancing the quality of living for all.

Clonburris also taps into the demand for Dublin homes that suit how people want to work and live: work from home, or reach the city office fast. Enjoy local restaurants and retail for a coffee break, or a night out with friends. With planned space for eight schools and 7,300 m2 of community space, everything you need is just a walk away in this new neighbourhood that’s built to thrive.

Affordable accommodation to rent or buy means there’s a place for everyone, whatever your age or income.

Inclusive and connected. Green and cared for. Safe and welcoming. This is Clonburris.

8,714 new homes to be developed, for all budgets

7,300 m2 of community floorspace

3.3km of canal frontage, along with 12.5km of cycleways and walkways

90 hectares of open green spaces, the equivalent of 126 football pitches

An inclusive town that opens possibilities.

Be part of a bustling community that prioritises what matters and that will endure from one generation to the next.