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Imagine a new Dublin neighbourhood with the perfect balance of urban living and open nature.

Connected to the city by train and cycleway or greenway, and to the rest of Ireland by motorway and train – this is Clonburris: a community sustainably built on 280 hectares of canalside parkland.

Featuring exceptional homes that are designed to the highest quality, catering to every individual’s lifestyle, and allowing neighbourhoods and communities to thrive – Clonburris is well designed for living well.

Vibrant and multi-serviced urban centres with creches, schools, healthcare, retail, and sports and leisure facilities are matched with numerous and vast open spaces like playgrounds, pitches and parks where the biodiversity of the area can be seen to flourish.

These excellent amenities, unrivalled transport links and considered infrastructure will make Clonburris the place for everyone to be, to relax and to enjoy the best of modern Ireland in a brand new town that’s built to last.

Explore the map below to find out more about where Clonburris is based and the scale of development we envision for this area.
Map highlighting the key routes and train stations in the vicinity of Clonburris SDZ.

Planning Documents

Clonburris SDZ Planning Scheme can be viewed at the link below.