Draft Planning Scheme

The Draft Planning Scheme was on public display from September to December 2017. The Draft Planning Scheme and accompanying documents can be viewed here

The Chief Executive’s Report on the submissions received on the Draft Planning Scheme was issued to Elected Members for their consideration in December 2017. It summarised 606 submissions received and provided responses and recommendations to the issues raised including comments relating to SEA and AA. 

Following the receipt of 355 motions from Elected Members, a Special Council Meeting was held (Friday 26th January 2018, Monday 29th January 2018, Tuesday 30th January 2018 and Thursday 1st February 2018). Having considered the Draft Planning Scheme, the Chief Executive’s Report on Submissions and the SEA Environmental Report, the Elected Members resolved to make the Clonburris SDZ Planning Scheme subject to variations and modifications.

Material Amendments

A large number of the modifications agreed at the Special Council Meeting on the Draft Planning Scheme were considered to constitute Material Alterations to the Draft Planning Scheme. As such, these modifications required statutory public consultation under Section 169 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) and are set out in the Material Alterations document here

Public consultation on the material amendments ended on the 20th April 2018. A Chief Executive Report was prepared on the submissions received and the issues raised. The Chief Executive's Report was then given to the Elected Members for their consideration.