Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an appeal to An Bord Pleanala? 

Any person(s) who made submissions or observations in relation to the Draft Planning Scheme, may appeal the decision of the Planning Authority to An Bord Pleanála within 4 weeks from the date of the Planning Authority’s decision (i.e. 4 weeks from Tuesday 19th June 2018).  Contact An Bord Pleanála by phone (01) 858 8100 online or by post 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1. 

A copy of the Planning Scheme, together with accompanying Environmental Reports (including SEA Statement and AA Screening Determination), is available for inspection online here and at SDCC County Hall Tallaght, County Library Tallaght, Civic Offices Clondalkin, Clondalkin Library and Lucan Library.

Privacy Statement

South Dublin County Council has created this privacy statement to demonstrate the Council’s firm commitment to privacy and the security of the personal data you provide to the Council.

What is a Strategic Development Zone?

Strategic Development Zones (SDZ) are a plan led approach and a fast track planning procedure for development and supporting infrastructure and facilities. They are considered to be of economic and social importance to the state and are usually located on major public transport corridors. Once lands are designated as an SDZ, a Planning Scheme consisting of a written statement and a plan has to be prepared. 

What will the planning scheme deliver?

The development of the entire Planning Scheme is expected to deliver a target of 8,437 new homes for approximately 21,000 people, 90 hectares of Parks and Open Spaces, 7,300 sq.m gross community floorspace, approximately 21,520 sq.m gross retail floorspace and 31,115sq.m employment floorspace.

When will it happen?

If the Planning Scheme is approved, Clonburris will develop over the next 20 years. The land is in multiple ownerships, so development will take place at different times across the entire site. The speed at which developments will progress may depend on the market.

What are the transport options in the area?

The draft Planning scheme is designed to encourage pedestrians and cyclists and to reduce reliance on the private car.  

Approximately 72% of housing will be located within 500m of schools and approximately 98% of residents will be able to access a bus stop within 400m or a train station within 800m, thereby significantly reducing dependence on the private car. The lands will be serviced by two Train stations at Kishoge and Clondalkin/Fonthill, approximately a 15 minute train journey from Dublin City Centre.  The lands are also well connected to the N4 and N7 National Routes by three Regional Roads, including the Outer Ring Road.

How much social housing will there be?

10% of all new residential units on the lands will be required for social housing.  The details of these will be agreed with the Local Authority at individual planning application stage.

What community facilities will there be?

There will be approximately 7300sqm of community floorspace. These will be provided in a variety of facilities across the lands. There will be 8 schools on the lands; 6 of which will be new schools, 3 primary and 3 post primary schools. The schools and community space have been planned in line with the population for Clonburris.  Approximately 72% of residents of the SDZ will be located within 500m of a school.